ESH Specific Projects


Specific Projects Service

Focus a Professional ESH Director on a specific project:


bullet-points-tick-green Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

bullet-points-tick-green Safety/Health Management Systems (AWAIR)

bullet-points-tick-green Training

bullet-points-tick-green Research Specific Regulations                       

bullet-points-tick-green Environmental Management Systems

bullet-points-tick-green Ladder Safety                                                 

bullet-points-tick-green Written ESH Programs

bullet-points-tick-green Energy Control Procedures – LTO

bullet-points-tick-green LTO Work Instructions

bullet-points-tick-green CPR, First-Aid, AED Training

bullet-points-tick-green SDS Authoring

bullet-points-tick-green GHS Labels

bullet-points-tick-green Specific Regulatory Projects

bullet-points-tick-green ESH Assessments & Audits to Protocols

bullet-points-tick-green PRCS Determination / Work Instructions / Training

bullet-points-tick-green Fall Protection

bullet-points-tick-green Develop ESH Training Programs


This has been used by companies with ESH Managers who need additional bandwidth to complete a specific project or address a specific issue.  Companies without ESH Managers use the service because they have minimal ESH issues or specific programming they want addressed.  Services invoiced on a monthly basis.


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